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Gentle Yet Powerful Breathing Relief Year-Round

Studies show that most respiratory distress is caused by excessive mucus NETs that progressively overload and damage lung tissue.

Breathe® works tirelessly to sweep away these harmful NETs and create an environment for your lungs to heal and breathe easily again.

Say goodbye to the endless wheezing, coughing, tightness in your chest, and shortness of breath for good.

With the expansive surface area inside your lungs, your respiratory health affects almost every function.

Lung and breathing issues often secretly undermine your energy, sleep, immunity, and more without you realizing the root cause.

Breathe 6 Bottles

Make your lungs a mucus-free zone so you can once again take full, satisfying breaths again without choking or wheezing.

Recover the vigorous endurance and energetic vitality you remember from your youth before respiratory difficulties depleted and isolated you.

Breathe effortlessly again, filling your lungs thoroughly and breathing freely without that all too familiar tightness, coughing, and congestion crushing your chest.

Recommended By Respiratory Health Experts

Elizabeth Moffet

“With over 12 years of clinical experience in respiratory health, I firmly believe nothing comes close to Breathe® for sweeping away mucus, calming inflammation, and helping people struggling with wheezing, coughing, and shortness of breath finally breathe freely again. It has my highest recommendation.”

Elizabeth Moffet, RRT

Respiratory Therapist, Breathing Restoration Specialist

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“It makes my phlegm knock loose so you can cough it out and I truly feel a little relief for breathing too! Anything that will help me breathe that's not a prescription is worth a try and I still take my other medication but my breathing treatments have lessened for me. I love it!”

Kyle S.



“It's impossible to sing, play the trumpet well, or even give a speech or teach a class, when your vocal apparatus is dry, dehydrated, or plagued with phlegm that you can't seem to cough up. And since the tissue of your vocal folds is so thin, mild dehydration and muscular tension can cause big problems. This extract helps with all of these things, and it has a very sweet flavour that's easy to take!”

Mary B.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • A- Bronchodilators have surged in popularity over the last decade, yet breathlessness and wheezing have continued worsening over the same period.
  • Bronchodilators sound great in theory, but there's a big piece of the puzzle that's often overlooked...
  • To get the full effects, bronchodilators need to penetrate deep into the airways and air sacs of your lungs.
  • The issue is if you already have chronic respiratory troubles like wheezing, congestion, and shortness of breath, it means you likely have excess Mucus NETs in your lungs.
  • It's like water rolling off a duck's back, you might say.
  • That's why bronchodilators sometimes make you feel worse, and the more NETs accumulate, the more your airways clog, causing breathlessness, hacking, and phlegm.
  • What makes Lung Trust different is its clinically proven 3-step protocol to cleanse and heal your lungs.
  • First, it targets the sticky NETs clogging your airways.
  • Next, it promotes healthy lung function and repairs your tissues.
  • Finally, it clears your airways for easy, full breaths again.
  • The best part is it uses natural ingredients that are safe and gentle.

  • A- The truth is many respiratory supplements only provide temporary symptom relief.
  • They may suppress your cough or thin mucus for a bit, but they don't address the real culprit - the excess NETs blocking your small airways.
  • Lung Trust is different. It takes a triple-action approach:
  • First, it targets and dismantles those stubborn mucus NETs clogging your lungs.
  • Next, it fortifies and supports lung health to prevent future flare-ups.
  • Finally, it helps clear your airways for smoother, easier breathing.
  • Better yet, Lung Trust is gentle on your body with natural ingredients.
  • It's more than a quick fix - it's your ticket to a life of clear, open breathing.

  • A- Breathe® has been embraced by thousands of people, with no side effects reported.
  • It contains no risky drugs, stimulants, or harsh chemicals.
  • All the ingredients in Breathe® are natural extracts from plants, fruits, roots, and medicinal herbs.
  • In fact, many key ingredients are being researched for exceptional healing benefits.
  • So it's not just safe - it could potentially improve your lung health on a cellular level.

  • A- Excess mucus signals your lungs aren't working optimally - likely an overproduction of NETs.
  • While NETs trap harmful particles, excess release can clog airways, making breathing difficult.
  • When the lungs work perfectly, there's no wheezing or shortness of breath.
  • But over time, factors like pollution or genetics disrupt balance, NETs overproduce, and symptoms like excess mucus arise.
  • But it's not permanent! Many customers find after taking Breathe®, excess mucus is reduced, and they can breathe freely again.
  • They resume activities without getting winded, sleep soundly, not stirring from coughs, and go through their day with renewed energy and vigor.

  • A- Breathe® is remarkably effective for chronic coughs and wheezing.
  • These often arise from NET overproduction - the sticky webs congesting your airways.
  • Excess mucus, hacking fits, feeling like you're drowning in phlegm - it's all signs your body's defenses have spiraled out of control, churning out excessive NETs.
  • This clogs the airways and leads to unpleasant symptoms.
  • Once Breathe® helps regulate NET production, it improves lung rhythm and function.
  • It enhances overall lung health, clearing mucus buildup so you can breathe freely again.
  • So, the answer is absolutely yes! Breathe® can help reduce chronic coughs and wheezing. I hope you'll get to experience the benefits yourself.

  • A- Shortness of breath and excess mucus go hand in hand.
  • If you have breathlessness, you likely have excess NETs.
  • Though it sounds contradictory, let me explain...
  • Neutrophils release NETs to trap harmful particles. But overreacting neutrophils release too many, clogging your airways.
  • The more NETs produced, the more congestion occurs, and the harder breathing becomes.
  • Once Breathe® regulates NET production, it opens up airways so oxygen can flow freely to your lungs again.
  • That's why it's crucial to continue Breathe® for at least 3-6 months, which is why we recommend the 6-month bundle - you'll also save more.

  • A- It depends on how long you've struggled and the damage done by excess NETs. But many see rapid improvements.
  • Generally speaking, most Breathe® users begin experiencing relief in few weeks.
  • Early improvements might include easier breathing, less coughing, and reduced mucus production.
  • Some even report these positive changes in few weeks after their first dose.
  • Other benefits, like increased energy, happen gradually as your lungs heal and breathing gets easier.
  • Remember, your respiratory system oxygenates every cell, so Breathe® reaches far beyond just your lungs.
  • It might start in your brain, with improved concentration as oxygen flow increases.
  • As excess mucus clears, you may notice less breathlessness and fatigue.
  • As Breathe® regulates NET production and improves lung health, exercise gets easier as endurance grows and lung capacity improves.
  • While many improvements will be noticeable in the first month, your lung health will continue improving over the next 12-16 weeks.
  • By then, you might feel like a whole new person.
  • As the cascading benefits continue over time, you'll notice further gains in overall wellness.
  • Your body will absorb more oxygen, energizing you and enhancing your health.
  • After all, effective breathing is the foundation of good health. With Breathe®, you'll be on the path to a more active, healthier life.
  • Remember, experiencing this breath of fresh air is as simple as selecting a package below to try Breathe®.

  • A- When you place your order for Breathe® today, you're covered by a full 90-day money-back guarantee.
  • That's an ironclad promise based on your complete satisfaction with Breathe®.
  • You don't have to decide now. Just say maybe.
  • You'll have 90 full days to experience the benefits yourself.
  • Watch as your breathing eases and your airways open up.
  • Feel relief wash over you as coughing fits become less and less frequent.
  • See disbelief in your friends and family as your energy soars, fatigue fades, and mood lifts.
  • With mental clarity restored, decide if you want to continue or not.
  • Truthfully, 90 days is generous since most feel a difference in days.
  • But as a certified respiratory therapist, I stand behind this product completely.

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